throw your garbage in the crock pot

a couple of weekends ago, we picked up our very last CSA box. though i will miss the certainty of locally sourced produce in a neat little package being available every week, i look forward to the opportunity to regain control of which vegetables we eat.

throughout the past six months on the CSA program, we have created recipes and worked around the raw materials provided to us in our weekly allotment. we learned about some new herbs, vegetables and cooking methods, but inevitably, each week, we would have some produce stragglers with no pre-destined dish on the horizon. enter the crock pot. it’s very easy: chop, dice and mince remaining produce. throw into crock pot basin. add (homemade) veggie stock, salt, pepper, herbs, spices. hit play.

though certainly not the most scientific method of cooking, it has quickly become one of my favorites. it’s easy, mindless and efficient. generally, crock pot meals last us for several days, so it’s easy on the budget (with respect to both money and time).

here’s our latest – eggplant, beans, onions, kale. we threw some (homemade) salsa on top with a touch of vegan cheese, and we had a delicious soup/stew.


though CSA season is over, there is no reason this tradition won’t continue. i’ll keep you posted about the best results.


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