cory vines obession

i am positively smitten with a new client of mine. cory vines, a new fitness apparel startup, has claimed 85% of the territory in my workout wardrobe (i still also absolutely love keri’s shirts, especially her new one, kettlebells & kisses).

their shirts are the softest, most comfortable i’ve experienced, and i’ve been sporting my essential long sleeve to do everything from hiking to lounging on the couch. it’s also a really nice change of pace that i’m not a walking billboard for a megabrand.




their most popular items, hands down, are the leggings. they launched two colors of the cropped version a month ago or so, and sold two months’ worth of inventory in only two weeks! they recently re-stocked (thankfully) and also launched the full-length version last week.



i personally find their leggings to be divine. they are comfortable, flattering and they don’t move around all over the place when i’m doing yoga (or anything else … but this week mostly just yoga). they really stay put and don’t make me re-adjust after every sun salutation or lunge.

cv4 cv5 cv6

nothing on the cory vines site is over $50, a refreshing surprise in the current state of affairs, where workout clothes are usually expensive and low quality.

if you look at the site and love their lines as much as i do (the guy’s clothing is great too!), they have a great deal coming up. on cyber monday (December 2), anyone who completes an order through their site will be entered to win one of three nike fuelbands they are giving away.

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