my rules for enjoying thanksgiving

ever since dan and i met, our thanksgiving holidays have been turned upside down. it used to be so easy: shop with mom ahead of time, wake up early on thursday, prep turkey, watch parade and voila! but in the past seven years, it’s been a scramble: whose house are we going to? when do we need to be there? what should we bring? who else is coming? NO ONE!? oh, we’re hosting? great, let’s make some spreadsheets.

this year is no less hectic. as we head out to seattle for not only our first ever visit to the northwest, but also our first thanksgiving outside the chicagoland area, i’ve pulled together a list of rules for enjoying thanksgiving no matter where you celebrate.

1. wine. this is key. other beverages may be served, but this is my staple and nothing is quite so sustainable (except possibly beer, and i just can’t imagine drinking beer all day long. blech.)

2. turkey trots! dan and i always try to get up and go for a run or do some form of exercise on thanksgiving morning. it might not be an organized, legit turkey trot, but running 3.1 miles on your own is perfectly acceptable as well.

3. parades! the macy’s parade is classic, and deserves a place on this day, even if it’s in the background while you furiously chop, saute and dice. if you don’t have the appropriate access to this resource, it MAY be acceptable to ask family members to walk back and forth in front of you whilst singing the score from the latest broadway musical as a substitution. see #1 for ways to make this more entertaining.

4. football. i’ve never had the experience of needing to watch football on thanksgiving (ie: the bears haven’t recently played on thanksgiving) but this is another traditional staple. makes me feel like i’m starring in a new thanksgiving movie.

5. a second shirt. i’ve NEVER made it through thanksgiving without spilling on myself. ever.

6. flexibility. whether you’re cooking, eating, hosting, visiting, etc. it’s probably never going to turn out like you planned. sidenote: this is the hardest one for me to follow.

7. christmas. one of the best parts about thanksgiving is that it serves as a gateway to the most wonderful time of the year. we usually use thanksgiving weekend to start watching holiday movies, listening to the appropriate music and decorating our casa with lights and gingerbread men (since we will be out of town, we did it last weekend and i could not be more excited about it).

8. tons of food and laughing. repeat. you went running in the morning, remember? totally cancels out anything you want to eat on thanksgiving. and probably leftovers for a day or so afterward. you’ll get back on the healthy and moderate eating wagon next week with plenty of time to spare before you overindulge for christmas.

did miss anything?

3 thoughts on “my rules for enjoying thanksgiving

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