’tis the season to reject hoarding

the holiday season is one of food drives, volunteer work and general charitableness. this year, i am absolutely partaking in the trend, both for others’ benefit and my own. i have decided to give away one thing i don’t need for each day in december, in order to spread holiday tidings and avoid becoming a hoarder.

i’ve spent a decent amount of time lately thinking about the role that money plays in my life, and one of my new year’s resolutions is to diminish that role. i don’t want to let money guide my decisions, treatment of others and priorities in life. i understand its necessary role to eat, live, travel, etc, and i don’t plan to head off the grid any time soon. i just want to de-clutter and remind myself not to hoard money or anything it can purchase. i want to use what i have and toss what i don’t.

i started with a tough category: shoes. i am discarding ten pairs, so that kicks off my monthlong project with a momentous bang.

anyone care to join me?


a reforming hoarder


One thought on “’tis the season to reject hoarding

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