sights unseen, naomi edition

the week after thanksgiving is always a rough one. if you traveled for the holiday, like we did, you probably got an inauspicious start to your monday with less sleep than usual and no packed lunch. if you took part of last week (or in my case, close to all of last week) off from work, being back at a desk for five days straight can really seem like a bummer. but, it’s the weekend now! and because tomorrow is my beautiful baby niece’s 1st birthday, i decided to dedicate this sights unseen entirely to her. we were so lucky to spend time with her last weekend and get to know her adorable quirks. please don’t be alarmed: she may appear to be the most serious baby you’ve ever seen, but she has her fair share of fun, too. happy birthday, sweet girl! i love you!

(by the way, happy birthday TODAY, mom! i threw a few pictures of you in there as well 🙂 )

naomi11 naomi10 naomi9 naomi8 naomi7naomi6 naomi5 naomi4 naomi3 naomi2 naomi1

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