my favorite daily reads

some days, when i take time to think about the sheer volume of information available in the expansive abyss of the internet, i am baffled that blogs, online news sites, podcasts and other sources can continually introduce new content every day (not counting hard news, daily events, etc.) after all, what is there to say that has not already been covered? and yet, i eagerly click through my agenda of sites each morning, always unearthing something new, captivating, valuable. here are a few of my cherished daily stops on the web. here’s hoping you find one that catches your eye also!

bustlethis gem came to my attention when an editor i used to work with at glamour switched over. a healthy mixture of celebrity news, fashion advice and health-focused content has me tweeting a link from this site almost daily.

hello giggleswith someone like zooey deschanel behind the wheel, how could it not be a success? learn things like: how to dress like jess from new girl, why maya rudolph is truly amazing and the best ways to celebrate christmas the moment december hits.

refinery29not only is it home to my latest obsession, the anti-diet project, but it has also hosted some of the most insightful holiday gift guides i have seen this year. check out the latest: perfect gifts for an under $10 secret santa gift exchange.

fitsugara smorgasbord of health and fitness wisdom. usually reported in an easy to click-through slideshow format (perfect for the occasional quick break from work throughout the day).

fit bottomed girlsinformative, personalized and diverse; this blog has covered everything under the sun about working out, fitness gear and food, all from an approachable standpoint. after reading their posts for a couple years, i feel like i know these girls personally!

in addition to dispensing information, all of these outlets help me get my creative juices flowing, whether it’s a writing project or coming up with a pitch for one of my clients. i know there are better ways to manage my habitual consumption online, but for now, they are all safely tucked into a bookmark on my toolbar that i lovingly labeled “everydays.” because time for such “pleasure reading” is seriously sparse, it is quite a feat to be included on my shortlist and i truly appreciate the contribution each makes my to my daily life.

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