my first homemade juice

dan and i don’t own a juicer. in fact, we recently decided that it’s not even at the  top list of kitchen appliance wishlist (though it previously made the cut here). we realized we don’t want to sacrifice the counter/cabinet space for a tool with such limited applications. we decided we’d rather have a nice blender that we can use to MAKE juice instead. it’s interesting that we had given the subject that much thought, because until recently, we had never even tried making juice on our own! we buy it whenever we pass by a juice bar (there’s a really amazing one in lincoln park by the whole foods) and marvel over how widespread this trend has become. but after cassie gave me this gwyneth paltrow cookbook with great juice recipes in it for my birthday, i knew i had to give it a go. i started with a basic “green” detox juice.


it has chopped kale.



a whole chopped apple.


plus peeled/chopped ginger, a whole lemon (without the rind, of course) and a sprig of mint.

that’s it! just throw it all in the blender, get it as smooth as possible, and then strain out the pulp (unless you want to drink it; i’ve heard that’s good for you, but in this case, when i tried, it was intolerable!). it’s the perfect sidekick for any breakfast.



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