Holiday Gift Guide 2013

i always wait way too long to put this feature on the blog (though last year i didn’t get it going until december 20th, so this is clearly a vast improvement). BUT i’d rather have one up than ignore the subject completely, so here it goes! here are a few things i think people would be lucky to unwrap this year (please note, some of the items featured are my clients, but i’m recommending them because i genuinely believe in them).

1. cory vines. i can’t say it enough – these clothes are an absolute dream to wear. i look forward to workouts where i can don my leggings so much that i’m actually considering buying a pair for every workout of the week.

2. a blendtec blender. use it for smoothies, juices, salsa, nut butters … anything that needs to be blended. completely safe with steel blades, you won’t have to worry about taking a trip to the hospital after swallowing a piece of broken blade. see here for terrifying vitamix recall.

3. a travel-sized foam roller. ya know, to keep at work or in my car! these must be pretty popular this year, ’cause they are sold out pretty much everywhere. here’s one.

4. some amazing coffee. specific suggestions from chicago include: gaslight roasters, bowtruss, halfwit.

5. a few deliciously scented candles for around the house. especially if they are all-natural (chemical-free!) these from dreamsoy look like they would work!

6. a gift card for amazing fitness classes. for me, it would be corepower yoga or flywheel. discover more amazing ideas for this via sweatguru, a brand new site toe find, book and manage fitness classes. 

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