sights unseen, christmas prep

this holiday season was different from any other. similar to the pattern of thanksgiving, every single year since dan and i married has been different. but this one felt even more so. my parents flew in from san francisco to join celebratory forces with dan’s family, which was amazing, but i had some good friends trudging through a somber time. i’ve never been more thankful for family and friends, among other treasures in my life.

so, i’m kicking off the holiday picture reel (you can see last year’s here, here, here, here) with some photos of this year’s christmas “prep.” we hosted a mini pizza party with jonny, eek and their dog frank, decorated and stocked our christmas tree (lots of wine given this year, always a plus!), made gifts for friends and co-workers, plus watched as many christmas movies as humanly possible. i’m especially excited to report that this was our last christmas with dan as a student, so next year, he will be able to participate fully in yuletide joy without having to deal with finals.

more to come all this week – happy holidays!

prep7 prep6 prep5 prep4 prep3 prep2 prep1

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