sights unseen, christmas (part 2 of 3)

i think i may have broken a record this year with the number of photos i took during christmas. i’m so thankful to have such a comprehensive record of some really special moments. i know a lot of people believe that taking pictures means that you can’t live in the moment, but i disagree. for me, it’s one of the best ways to see it all. i can sneak around and catch interactions, whispers and hugs that i might not have seen otherwise. then being able to re-live it through my blog and albums of pictures refreshes and solidifies those emotions and connections. after spending a night photographing my family, i always feel i know them a little better, love them a little bit more. here’s part two of a very morey christmas!

xmasday46 xmasday41 xmasday40 xmasday39 xmasday38 xmasday37 xmasday36 xmasday35 xmasday34 xmasday33 xmasday32 xmasday31 xmasday30 xmasday29 xmasday28 xmasday27 xmasday26 xmasday25 xmasday24 xmasday23

2 thoughts on “sights unseen, christmas (part 2 of 3)

  1. Some of my very favorites are in this bunch – you know, I love the “chopper” pics – I have 2 favorites of those. I love the first picture of Jackie and Larry watching Chopper and you got some great shots of Bud.

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