sights unseen, christmas (part 3 of 3)

this is the last of the holiday pictures. always makes me sad to see the holidays go, but i know that there is SO much to look forward to this year … dan graduating from college, helping to plan kristyn’s beautiful wedding, traveling to exciting places and seizing any opportunity that comes our way. with so many profound losses from our lives in 2013, i have never been more grateful for the people in my life and realized how important it is to always show compassion, love with everything you have and get things done today.

xmasday68 xmasday70 xmasday69 xmasday67 xmasday66 xmasday65 xmasday64 xmasday63 xmasday62 xmasday61 xmasday60 xmasday59 xmasday58 xmasday57 xmasday56 xmasday55 xmasday54 xmasday53 xmasday52 xmasday51 xmasday50 xmasday49 xmasday48 xmasday47

2 thoughts on “sights unseen, christmas (part 3 of 3)

  1. Molly, these are just awesome. I don’t know your subjects but the way you captured them makes me feel like I do. And your words at top are the best ones I will read today. I’ll be rereading them often, too. Thanks. Have a great weekend!

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