14 pizzas for 2014

it’s no secret that dan and i adore pizza night in our household. we have finally gotten to the point where we make everything from scratch, including the dough; dan is a whiz, while i’m a struggling novice. we’ve honed in on some enticing recipes, so here they are, 14 pizzas to try for 2014:

1. toasted kale, roasted butternut squash, tomato sauce, blue cheese and pickles. some tips for this one: choose crunchy pickles and dice them – they will go on at the very end after everything else is finished. also, pre-roast your squash and put the kale on halfway through the pizza baking process for optimal textures.


2. spinach sauce (basil, spinach, roasted garlic, habanero), shitake mushrooms, apple, leeks and mozzarella with an asiago crust. tip on this one: it has great texture but is a little bland, so make sure to use lots of seasoning and have some sriracha on hand for extra pizazz.

IMG_6070 IMG_6071 IMG_6073

3. kalamata olives, red onion, roasted red pepper, arugula, feta and tomato sauce. make sure you dry your olives BEFORE placing on the pizza to avoid sogginess.

4. seitan, sauerkraut, swiss cheese with a white bean and mustard “sauce” as a base. slightly reminiscent of a reuben, but without all the calories and bad fats! drain the sauerkraut ahead of time for this one.

5. jabanero and peaches with goat cheese and tomato sauce. make sure not to go overboard with the peppers unless you have an extremely fiery tolerance.

6. shaved brussels sprouts (break out the mandoline for this one), red onion, colby jack, roasted garlic and asiago cheese.

7. broccoli, sliced tomato, cheddar cheese with a white bean sauce.

8. sliced sweet potato, red onion, crushed tomato, parmesan and a black bean sauce.

9. pine nuts, feta, spicy mango, diced tomato, red pepper with homemade pesto sauce.

10. artichoke, beet greens, thinly sliced carrot and burrata cheese with white bean sauce.

11. roasted pears and poblano peppers with mozzarella and ginger tomato sauce.

12. asparagus, cherry tomatoes, spinach, gouda and a sunnyside up egg broken over the top.

13. sliced pickled beets and ricotta with a garlic tomato sauce. drizzle a balsamic reduction on top at the end.

14. eggplant, teleggio cheese, tomatoes roasted in basil and garlic and a olive puree as the sauce.

there you have it! time to get creative with pizza. some of these we have made before, but a few are still on our list to try. i’ll post individual recipes and tips for specific winners along the way!


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