learning how to chill

i’m not sure whether the cause is winter weather, the yearly CES stress-fest or a moderately tardy quarter life crisis, but lately i have been feeling a perpetual strain. at best, it is a dull and numbing nag that nips at the heels of enjoyable activities and occasions. at worst, it becomes an overwhelmingly terrifying blockade the precludes clear thinking, productivity and routine dialog.


through my earnest and good intentions, i have been subliminally corking negative thoughts in the name of optimism, always reassuring myself that i would come back to it later, when i had more time and energy to devote to ameliorating the situation. unfortunately, however, there is no huge chunk of time on my calendar any time in the near future to assign to such an enterprise. that means it’s time to face it now and then continue to confront any new manifestations as they arise along the way. i can no longer passively justify how these feelings render me ineffective in all that i do: from daily tasks at work to relationships with friends and family.

a singular, accessible solution does not exist – not even in the form of a list, which kills me to admit, since i have hung all my hopes for an organized, fruitful life on the power of a well thought-out list. i decided the best place to start might be some advice from other people with a less congested frame of reference. so here are a few links i’ve collected for my own solace. hopefully if anyone reading this feels or has ever felt similarly, he or she will find them as useful as i have. further, if anyone has one or two to add, i would be most appreciative of even more perspective on the matter.

mindbodygreen: 8 things you don’t have to worry about

my favorite tip from this article = stop stressing about what others think of you. they don’t think about you nearly as often as you might imagine. phew.

psychology today: 5 quick tips to reduce stress

my favorite tip from this article = check your diet. caffeine and alcohol always seem like the answer to stressful situations, but they actually make the whole shebang a lot worse physically.

forbes: how to stop stressing yourself out

my favorite tip from this article = stress can be a good thing, because it actually primes you to expand your abilities and responsiveness to a variety of situations. i think for me, that means that the best is yet to come.

foxnews: 10 ways to relieve stress naturally

my favorite tips from this article = aromatherapy. even if it’s nothing more than a placebo, the smell lavender always makes me feel just a little bit more relaxed. 

i am not under any asinine illusions that my life will ever be stress-free, and to the point of the above forbes article, i don’t want it to be. i’m more interested in revising the manner in which i respond to it. i can guarantee it will be a lifelong battle – you will likely never see a post from me entitled “how i beat stress.” 

2 thoughts on “learning how to chill

  1. Molly, thanks for this post! Aromatherapy – I love it and need more. And I’m so done caring about what others think! Lastly, I really like the idea of framing stresses as chances to expand your skills if you rise to the occasion. Turn your stress into an opportunity.

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