avoiding careless errors

when i was younger, my teachers constantly reprimanded me for two foibles. the first was my inability to stop talking to my friends. the second was my proneness toward careless errors. in math especially, eager to finish my work and progress to the next problem, i frequently bypassed decimal points or forgot to carry the one. every new year’s i would dutifully write out my resolutions, swearing to become more conscientious. even now, my crop of resolutions for 2014 includes a slight variation on that theme; to refrain from multitasking and give whatever i choose to do my full attention.

it has become more difficult for me, with widespread wifi availability and all the apps on my iphone. whether i’m reading, blogging, talking to dan or trying to meditate, the appeal of looking at instagram or pinterest gnaws at the side of my consciousness. and yet i am unbelievably aware of how much better and more efficiently i handle any given task when i am not trying to do more than one thing at once. it’s time, though, to make a real effort.

every misspelling, lackadaisical blog post or prosaic part i play in a conversation becomes part of my personal brand. the bottom line is: if i’m going to put forth the effort to do something, it might as well be a superlative one. it will take quite a bit of effort; i’ve really fine tuned my faux-ADD. but i’m confident i can improve spectacularly upon my current efforts.


4 thoughts on “avoiding careless errors

  1. I have this same problem! I am terrible at multi tasking and yet I seem to do it regularly. Have you read Eat That Frog? Is a book about focusing and getting over procrastination. I highly recommend it!

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