penny’s weight loss success

back in july, i posted about penny’s superfluous weight. she has been working hard and down to her “goal weight” for a couple of months now, and she wanted to share her success with you all.

IMG_6205 IMG_6204 IMG_6203 IMG_6202 IMG_6201


during the winter, we always give penny a little less dog food because her walks aren’t quite as extensive. that helps keep her weight under control. we also make sure to keep her “inside activity” up to compensate. lots of fetch, tug of war or sometimes just chasing her up and down the stairs (she does not enjoy this as much as we do).

we need to get back on track with feeding penny coconut oil. we have been remiss ourselves in consuming the magic potion, so penny has suffered as a result, but no more. it’s good for more than just weight loss in pets; it can help with surplus plaque and a shiny coat.

we actually started giving her MORE human food. but the good kind! penny is officially hooked on carrots, kale and … beet juice. when we first got our new blender (post on this coming soon, i promise), dan made beet juice sweetened with just a carrot or two. despite the terrifying volume of the blender as it worked, penny was intrigued by the end result. now, whenever she hears the blender from another room, she trots into the kitchen to discover what new treat we’ve whipped up for her.

in addition to all this, i’m seriously considering getting penny an activity tracker – they make those for dogs now!

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