guide to trying new things, part 1


i know that on friday, i generally post pictures for “sights unseen.” and i have some absolutely stunning photos from my trip to boston last weekend, but because a lot of them feature the beautiful bride to be (my sister) in wedding gowns, i can’t post them! so instead, i thought i would build a bit on the guide to getting healthy i’m working on with a small, tangential addendum: a guide to trying new things.

this is one of the best and most difficult parts about getting healthy. when you are used to a certain way of life and a core group of staple foods, it seems scary and unwelcome when someone suggests that you branch out from what you know as normal. for me personally, when i first started “getting healthy,” i didn’t try new things AT ALL. i simply ate less of what i was already eating to manage my calories. while this will work, i don’t recommend it. i was hungry a lot, and even though i was technically dropping weight, i wasn’t “healthy” about it. so here are a few healthy items to try if you’re in the mood for adventure:

1. quinoa: seriously, this stuff is magic. it has protein, it’s a sprouted grain (which means that it’s not as hard on your system when you digest it), and the best part? you can do SO MUCH with it. you can make breakfast quinoa with fruit, nut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon – the grain will be sweet and nutty. you can make casseroles (like this) or salads (like this) with it and add in whichever ingredients you choose. if you have a rice cooker, you can throw it in there, otherwise just use a pot and some boiling water on the stovetop. that’s it!


2. kombucha: this is a bit scarier. kombucha is fermented tea. while it sounds kind of gross, it’s amazing for your digestive system. if you head to whole foods, you’ll find a plethora of flavor options that may help you hop the hurdle of drinking kombucha. my favorite is lavender from gt’s.

3. non pre-packaged oatmeal. when i was a kid, i adored and depended on the pre-packed oatmeal with added sugar and dried fruit bits. but for your health and wallet’s sake, switch to bulk oats with NO added sugar. i still make mine in the microwave (add water to about 1/3 cup oats, microwave for one minute, 30 seconds) and then add whatever i feel that day. bananas, blueberries, cinnamon, peanut butter, almond butter, almond milk, chia seeds, cacao nibs, raisins, protein powder, etc. it’s a beautiful blank canvas to work with.

4. juice. not orange or apple. way too much sugar in those products, by the way. but i’ll save that for another time. i’m talking about GREEN juice. i know that owning a juicer can be costly and time consuming to clean, SO here are a couple other options. whole foods sells fresh pressed, green juice by the quart. it’s a lovely way to get some quick energy and fulfill your quota of veggies for the day. you can also throw all your greens into a blender instead of a juicer. i do this and then just drink the pulp (it’s really good for you!) but if the texture bothers you, just strain the concoction to get the juice part out. much faster cleanup time.


once again, it’s all about little changes that you can keep up with. sometimes, dan and i will go to whole foods just to look around, see what’s new and try things we never have before. whether it’s successful or unsuccessful, we usually end up learning really interesting things about nutrition, food and cooking.

we’re going to do it this weekend, in fact. it’s too cold to do anything else!

2 thoughts on “guide to trying new things, part 1

    • the green juice used to scare me too, but i honestly give it so much credit for increased energy, happiness and immunity. i’ve only gotten sick ONCE this season so far … knock on wood. good luck! let me know how it goes. also, that sounds like an amazing quinoa salad combo …

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