rejection of hoarding: complete

through an anti-hoarding post in december, and my new year’s resolution post earlier this month, i declared a war on my own gluttony. the first battle was getting rid of a possession for every day in the month of december. i came through for myself with a bang. more than 31 items were rounded up, corralled into shopping bags and donated to local charities.

hoard1 hoard2


the first few items to go proved more difficult than i anticipated. i agonized for hours about a pair of boots that i paid a fair amount of money for, but never wear. i then realized that quite a few of my current belongings are still in my house due to some form of guilt. either a gift from someone that doesn’t quite fit my style or an ill-thought out purchase i haven’t been able to detach from. a main component of this whole exercise was to free myself from baggage, and that goes for the mental and emotional as well as the physical. i refuse to allow a pair of boots to cause such distress. so out they went.

benefits go beyond the triumphant completion of a goal. my closet is much more organized and easy to navigate, for one. for another, i can feel the momentum building from this exercise. i want to extract more superfluous things from my life and also prevent more from entering it. since trashing so many items of clothing, i’ve become a lot more discerning about shopping. do i really need another cardigan? more boots? what am i willing to get rid of to make room for that? 

it’s no wonder so many people feel emotional satisfaction from organizing. a cluttered space really does lead to a scattered mind.

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