so much fitness, so little time

in any given week, i try to get in at least two yoga workouts, zumba (or spin) class, circuits for strength training and a few bouts of HIIT. all that leaves me with absolutely no time for long runs, fitdeck, cardio kickboxing, pilates or participating one of the many challenging workout dvd’s i’ve accrued (and always have a hunger to collect more!). then there’s hiking, biking, playing intramural sports and other, more organic forms of exercise. there are only SEVEN days in a week. what am i supposed to do? keri always tells me that she loves how much variety i fit into my workouts, and sometimes, i whole heartedly agree. sometimes, though, i wish i did yoga every day so i could do this:


please note: this is a common theme in my life. i have already touched on this topic here. unfortunately, since that post back in october, i have failed to resolve the issue. if anything, i’ve gotten more attached a wider variety of fitness options. but today, i focus on the positive facet of this situation. if i never really become great at anythingthen pretty much every workout i do is amazing for my body. it will certainly never become bored. it may mean that i am never able to hold a perfect scorpion pose or complete a set of ten pike raised handstands (i think that’s what those are called?) but hopefully i will build up a wide base of fitness as a result. i’m lightly toying with the idea of spending each month “specializing” in one thing or another, but … i don’t know. i haven’t decided yet.

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