free yoga from sweatguru and athleta chicago

i recently started working with a truly marvelous company: sweatguru. it’s a fitness marketplace that provides great visibility for business owners looking to market and manage their studios and classes. and, consumers can discover innovative new fitness classes to try. sweatguru allows people to book, pay for and manage a class schedule all in one place. the inspirational founders are two cousins and lifelong best friends: jamie and alyse. this is their second fit-repreneurial adventure together; they’ve already enjoyed plenty of success with their first wildfire concept, fit approach. from a san francisco-based bootcamp, they’ve sprouted thousands of #sweatpink followers all across the nation. if you believe in the power of building healthy communities, i strongly recommend that you apply to be an ambassador here

the most exciting part of all this at the moment is in the title of this post. sweatguru has invaded the midwest, and to celebrate the expansion, they are teaming up with athleta to host a fun and free yoga-centric event this saturday. all the details are below. dan and i are going! just sign up using this link:


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