coconut mango pancakes

though sunday evenings are usually filled with food-prep, homework (for dan), laundry and chores, sunday mornings are, whenever possible, for pancakes. recently we traded in our bob’s red mill pancake mix for kodiak cakes, and we both agree they are fluffier and tastier. since we incorporated the blendtec into our kitchen, dan has been experimenting with all kinds of interesting combinations, and this most recent concoction is one of the best. if you close your eyes while eating, you can almost imagine that you’re in hawaii or someplace tropical instead of sub-zero, ice-encrusted chicago. almost.

coconut mango pancakes

1. start with a whole coconut. use a hammer (carefully!) to crack it open. (penny did not care for the noise that accompanied this portion of the process)


2. cut up fresh mango and place into the wildside jar of your extremely powerful and useful blendtec blender (not that i’m biased or anything). we used about a cup. then drain some of the coconut liquid into the jar as well.


3. scrape the coconut meat out of the shell. dan is very proud of the tool he uses. he got it from an art store five years ago to carve pumpkins and recommends it to anyone that will listen. see below for reference.


4. crack one egg into the blender, followed by about a cup of almond milk (we use vanilla, unsweetened). hit blend! you want the mixture to be fluffy but not overly blended.

5. pour the contents of the blender into a large bowl. add about one cup of pancake mix and whisk everything together. get the griddle hot in the meantime; use coconut oil to grease the surface if necessary.

6. once the surface is hot enough, pour batter in desired size for your cakes.


7. feel free to enjoy any leftover fruit sitting out on the counter.


8. that’s it! serve ’em while they’re hot.


9. personally, i like to inundate mine with homemade nut butter and all-natural maple syrup. but that’s just me.

pancake8 pancake7

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