things i wish i could do

because my interests are many and varied, there is simply not enough time for me to learn every skill i want to. below are the things i haven’t yet even begun to conquer, but that i think about fairly frequently. i figure if i keep this list, if i’m ever bored and thinking about watching a movie i’ve seen a billion times, i might think twice and look into one of these endeavors instead.

1. speak mandarin
2. play the guitar
3. design a website
4. code (i actually used to know visual basic and c++ but i have long forgotten both)
5. paint with watercolors
6. dance like justin timberlake
7. achieve any number of yoga poses (scorpion, flying pigeon)
8. master the art of SEO
9. sew my own clothes
10. name all the presidents of the united states, in order.
11. fishtail braid
12. play poker (well)
13. cook french cuisine
14. utilize photoshop

just to name a few. some are more important than others, but accomplishing any one of them would probably make me feel just a bit more like a rockstar.

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