finally cooking my pinterest page

the advent of pinterest was one of the worst/best things that ever happened to me. i could spend hours thumbing through images of fashion, food, fitness, travel, photographs, decor, potential DIY’s, puppies, quotes and so on. aside from the “time suck” factor, the other negative thing about this hobby, is that it frequently does not translate into action. i don’t know if it’s because pinning something makes me feel like i already have an accomplishment, or maybe i’m too overwhelmed by all that inspiration. but whatever it is, i have a lot of things pinned i will never do/buy/make/try. and it was starting to get to me. i decided that since dan and i are frequently asking each other, “what’s for dinner?” that i might as well answer that question with my pinterest board, yumminess, which is filled with healthy food ideas.

so far, so good. we started by making the carrot ginger soup from curvy carrot. we ended up adding cauliflower and a bit of our own twist, which i blogged about here



next, i made the spaghetti squash mac and cheese from fit sugar. it was divine, and i definitely want to give it another shot with vegan cheese instead.

our next endeavor took the shape of sweet potato quesadillas from naturally ella. ours turned out to be delicious, but definitely not even close to being as pretty as hers. gotta work on that food styling!

pinterest4 pinterest5


last up was the quinoa crusted tempeh from rabbit food for my bunny teeth. the taste and texture were an unbelievable combination. i would definitely love to try this one again with different flavor profiles and spices mixed in. dan served ours topped with some vegan cheese and a side of beets and beet greens. delectable.

pinterest2 pinterest1

i have to say, given what a rip roaring success all these dishes were (not to mention how easy it was to pull up the recipe and take it to the grocery store for dinner prep), i will be doing it a LOT more often in the future. in fact, i’m off to pin some more enticing options right now! 

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