hunting for breakfast

eating healthfully is tough. anyone who claims otherwise either has amazing superpowers (and lots of free time) or may be trying to sell you something. it’s obviously much easier to order out than to take the time to cook. it’s simpler to go out to lunch than to pack one the night before. even if you make the “healthy” choice when dining out, it’s still not quite as good for you (or your wallet) as prepping your own food. and that takes time. to overcome the time and effort mogul, developing a routine is necessary.

every sunday, dan and i prep quinoa salads, stews and various other lunchtime faves to get us through with minimal weekday effort and plenty of vitamins and nutrients. each afternoon, we chat about that night’s dinner, perhaps pick a recipe from pinterest and buy the necessary ingredients to make it. one meal constantly left by the wayside? breakfast. we basically have two fallbacks for our morning meal. eggs or grains. we vary our grain options a bit, sometimes using millet, oatmeal or quinoa. usually we have different kinds of fruit to mix in (though i always top mine with a heaping spoonful of nut butter), but for the most part, that about sums up our efforts. and lately i’ve been thinking that there has to be something else out there for us at breakfast time.

and thus, my mission for this week is born. i’m on the hunt for new recipes, food groups and ideas to inject into our morning ritual. suggestions are welcome! at this particular moment in time, i’m not eating cheese or yogurt, so i know that will limit me a little bit, but i’m eager to report back with some fresh obsessions.

image via the selby

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