top 7 whole foods buys

i’ve had the “whole foods conversation” with so many people.

“yeah, every time i go in there, i walk out with a bag of groceries that cost me over $100.”

“i always find new things to try and then develop an obsession with them.”

whole foods is not just a grocery store. it’s an experiencethe location nearest to our house is a massive smorgasbord of adventurous eating. in addition to the normal “grocery” section, there’s also a wine and cheese bar, a pizza parlor, three hot food bars, a smoothie stand, a bakery, two fish markets, a beer bar, a coffee shop and a beanery. people grab a glass of wine, a draft beer or a coffee and waltz up and down the aisles, capriciously tossing organic, gluten-free pastas into their carts. in this wonderland of consumables, i often discover foods or develop new and creative recipes in my head. here are the latest whole foods buys i’ve really been digging.

1. synergy chia kombucha. though dan and i have been making our own kombucha at home and could most likely add chia seeds to gain the texture i love about this product, we have not yet delved into the flavored kombucha territory, and there are so many tantalizing options to choose from at whole foods. my faves are lavender and tart cherry.

2. bulk food bins. dan left me alone in this section for five minutes, and when he returned, i had industriously filled about 15 bags up with different kinds of beans, dried cherries, figs, millet, red quinoa and other assorted goodies. perfect for crock pots, oatmeals, millet mix ins and salads. never a disappointment.

image via philly mag

3. vegan pizza. loaded with artichokes, eggplant, peppers, meaty portabellas and intriguingly melty vegan cheese? sold. it’s the best way to solve the “don’t shop while you’re hungry” dilemma.

image via meals and miles

4. Vignaioli Barbaresco. i’m fairly certain you can buy this wine elsewhere, but we found it at whole foods and swooned over it during the holidays. it can be a bit on the pricier side, but definitely a good bet for celebrating special occasions or an indulgence.

5. vegan cheese. since i’m on a hiatus from cheese and yogurt, we’ve been increasing the frequency of our vegan cheese use. i particularly like the sharp cheddar from follow your heart, but whole foods has the best selection i’ve seen so far.

image via popsugar

6. whole foods coffee beans. there are 10-15 varieties in barrels or bins that you can self-serve. the cost is actually pretty reasonable when you consider the quality of the product. dan usually gets a fruity mexican blend and i trust his judgment when it comes to anything coffee related. taste good to me!

image via the wine sisters

7. oil. recently, dan and i have been experimenting with alternatives to olive oil. my brother sent me an amazing chart that ranks all the most common oils available in terms of how healthy they are and how easy they are to cook with. our current favorite is almond oil, but whole foods always has a wide variety of options available to choose from.



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