guide to getting healthy, part 2

a couple of weeks ago, inspired by some special people in my life who are starting to think more and more about a healthier lifestyle, i began an ongoing series called the guide to getting healthy. here’s part one, in case you missed it on the first go-round! i’m spacing these posts out because i know how overwhelming change can be, and i believe that healthy living is most sustainable when the changes come in small, manageable increments. it’s certainly how i did things! so here are a few more tips to head down a healthier path.

Terrell-Sierra_post 5_photo 1.jpg

1. have fun in the kitchen. when dan and i first started dating, neither of us were particularly accomplished chefs. dan knew how to make (very dry) chicken on a foreman grill, and i was an excellent hot pocket microwaver. but once we stopped eating out as much, those two items day in and day out became quite tiresome. we got creative out of necessity, but it really does help you feel more invested in the healthfulness of your food. buy a healthy cookbook or subscribe to a recipe-focused magazine (i love cooking light and clean eating). check out pinterest for unique recipes or subscribe to some new blogs (my current favorite is naturally ella. yum!). OR just buy some vegetables and try different techniques! roast ’em, steam ’em, bake ’em … even if it comes out terribly, you’ll learn from your mistakes and make it better the next time. before long, people will be wanting to pin YOUR recipes.

2. find an active activity that you lovecould be walking, running, dancing, skating, prancersizing, tumbling, gardening, swimming, hopping, jumping, skipping, etc. once you find one that you love, it’s only a matter of time before you find others and get into a routine.

3. set some very specific goals, and make them manageable. now that you’ve tested the waters of healthy living, it’s time to measure your success. write the goal or goals down and pin it up somewhere you can see it all the time. it’ll be a reminder to incorporate it into everyday life.

4. read up. whether it’s websites, blogs, books or magazines, find lots of sources of information that will fuel your quest for healthy living. the more you know about something, the more intriguing it becomes to you, the more you’ll want to talk about it and … well, you get it.

5. add in more veggies. every day. whether you have a green juice (or maybe that concept is still too scary … if so? i understand) or just add some broccoli to dinner, it will make a huge difference in your immune system, energy level and all around well-being. vegetables are tasty, medicinal and versatile. they can be mixed into burgers, added to rice or quinoa, roasted and served on top of eggs for breakfast. with all the variety of produce available at EVERY grocery store … there’s really no excuse not to be eating more of them. hopefully, you soon won’t be able to get ENOUGH.

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