a vegan valentine’s day

yes, i am well aware of the fact that it’s march. valentine’s day was what seems like AGES ago, but i’ve been busy, so i’m posting about it now.

valentine’s day 2014 (also happens to be penny’s birthday! but she got the shaft this year because we were pre-occupied. we’ll give you a good showing next year, pen pen): it started with an amazingly thoughtful gift from dan:

photo (2)

instead of just GIVING me chocolate, he wanted to make a date night out of it. he gave me the cook book to unwrap, then asked me to pick a recipe. he would pick up the ingredients and we’d make the dessert together on valentine’s day (after eating takeout vegan burritos of course!). i’ve recently been boycotting most dairy products, so as you can see, this book accommodated that. i chose a chocolate torte with chocolate ganache frosting.

we began our journey with some pink champagne (that was not NEARLY as good as the rose champagne we drank to celebrate kristyn’s engagement. how quickly your palate becomes spoiled!)


the best part of this whole process is that as head baker, i shouted out orders, and my sous baker (dan), did most of the work!

vday4 vday5 vday6 vday7

we used coconut and almond substitutes for milk. we used beet sugar and flour, but no oil and for the most part, the ingredients for this cake are not half bad for you! we used dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, as well, to make sure we reaped all the benefits of indulging in chocolate.

speaking of indulging … halfway through, we took a break to try dan’s other valentine’s day creation:


chocolate covered pickles! we both liked them, but thought maybe they would be better with a smaller pickle so the dill taste wasn’t so overwhelming. penny was not impressed in the least.


as usual, my favorite part was the frosting. it was so fudgy, creamy and rich! (sorry the picture of me is a little blurry. dan took it, and you know what THAT MEANS).



the end result was superbly delectable. kudos to dan on an amazing date idea that provided benefits for days afterward.


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