my latest googles

this week, i found myself on the hunt for a lot of different information. sometimes my google searches led me to where i wanted to go, and sometimes i took some bizarre (but interesting!) detours. check it out:

googled: jared leto.

since i didn’t actually watch the oscars, i was curious to see what jared leto looks like at the moment. i barely recognized him in dallas buyer’s club, and after he won best supporting actor for his role, i have become even more intrigued by him. my search led me to an article about how he lost the weight on perez hilton. scary, isn’t it?

googled: matthew mcconaughey.

goes hand in hand with the above search, but since i knew matt had lost just as much weight for his role in the movie, i thought i’d see if he spoke to anyone about how he did it (i realize there is a trend emerging that shows me as being extremely behind the times, since so far, my results are a little outdated). interestingly enough, this search ALSO led me to perez, who had posted a clip from ellen on this topic.

also, this impersonation of mr. mcconaughey is PRETTY spot on.

googled: between two ferns.

since last year’s oscar rendition of zach galafianakis’ web show was pretty hysterical, i thought i’d check to see if this year’s iteration had been posted. it has not, but there is a segment featuring president barack obama. pretty good, but not as good as christoph waltz.

googled: women in technology.

the statistics on this subject are a little terrifying. currently, only about three percent of technology companies were started by women. yikes! there have been lots of articles released showing the minimal role females are playing in the world of tech (especially when it comes to entrepreneurship) despite studies and examples that show female-led companies to be more successful in a myriad of ways (just check out sweatguru or fit approach for examples of AMAZING, female-led startups). that’s why i was so glad to see this news out of chicago: 1871 is launching an incubator for female entrepreneurs.

googled: relieving sinus pain.

i got a cold this week. my body finally succumbed to the virus that’s been making its way around my office, home, etc. i’ve never felt such face pain in my LIFE. since i’ve decided to give up taking OTC pain killers for the time being, i needed a more natural remedy. i actually found this video about pressure points to be really helpful. it worked!

what were your top googles this week?


6 thoughts on “my latest googles

  1. I think this weather (and the huge changes from day-to-day) are wreaking havoc on lots of peoples sinuses. I know that I have had to take some extra stuff this week – but in the long run if it will warm up and stay warm it will make me happy!!

  2. Also, I realized I didn’t answer your question. I’m not following my own advice that I give to my students! I googled “Also Spracht Zarathrustra” because Richard Strauss is our March Composer of the Month, and I purposefully avoided any recordings that were a part of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Those monkeys just freak me out.

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