medicinal yoga

when i first tried yoga, i only saw it as an alternative form of exercise. in fact, i’d use it as a fallback on days when i felt a little lazy, because i didn’t consider it to be a “real” workout. a little further down the line, i saw some healing benefits from practicing yoga as a i nursed a displaced cuboid bone. turns out everything in your body really IS connected to everything else, and working on my balancing poses helped strengthen all the parts of my foot, ankle and lower leg needed to hold that bone in place.

nowadays, i bask in yoga as a remedy for pretty much anything.

got a cold? there are a bunch of yoga poses that can help alleviate symptoms, clear up sinuses, get the blood flowing and help bolster your immune system.

sit all day at a desk and have shortened hip flexors as a result? plenty of counter poses to alleviate that issue.

or maybe you have the opposite problem. you stand all day and your knees and lower back are in pain. there are plenty of ways yoga can ameliorate that situation as well.

in case you need more convincing, i’ve re-posted a beautiful info graphic below that details all the lovely benefits of yoga. but for me, someone who is getting over a cold and just spent three long days standing at a trade show? i’m all in.

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