U.S. hiking bucket list

even as the weather becomes a bit milder here in chicago (meaning, it rains instead of snows and the temps are in the 30’s and 40’s instead of the teens), i am dreaming of an outside existence. one of my best friends moved to san francisco a few months back, and ever since, every saturday for them means a new hiking adventure. i cannot contain my envy any longer. i. miss. hiking. though there are far fewer sights to be seen here in the backwoods of flatland central (aka Illinois), it’s better than staring at the walls of my apartment all day. the second it’s a bit warmer and not quite so muddy slushy, i’m lacing up my hiking boots for some more adventure trails. i know penny will want to join. in the meantime, i’m daydreaming about some of the most beautiful hiking to be found in the usa. anyone want to take a trip?

grinnell glacier – glacier mountain park

montana is on my bucket list, and this trail would be my first stop. waterfalls, hillsides, glaciers? oh, my. i’m willing to bet that my camera wouldn’t get more than a ten second break the whole time we hiked.

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devils garden

7.5 miles of magnificent, natural architecture. though i am partial to hiking near inviting bodies of water, i would make an exception in the case of this utah-based trail.

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east fork trail and tulchina falls

though this alaskan adventure is rumored to be lousy with bears, the scenery makes up for it. all different kinds of terrain, waterfalls, flora and apparently, the occasional mountain goat.

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aguirre springs trail

on a much dryer note, this new mexico trail has zero bodies of water, but what look like spectacular mountain views and about 6,800 foot elevation. for a midwesterner, that kind of altitude could take a little getting used to.

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rocky mountain national park

yep, i would absolutely love to head back to the state where i was born to hit up some of the most breathtaking views hiking has to offer. lakes, mountains, great continental divides… of course, if we’re going this route, we absolutely have to camp out somewhere as well.

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cataract trail loop

because no hiking bucket list would be complete without california representation, i give you my final choice. this gem is in bolinas (remember when we visited there previously?) redwoods and douglas firs, views of the pacific and tons of waterfalls make this mount tamalpais route my absolute dream hike. can i go there right now? please?

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4 thoughts on “U.S. hiking bucket list

  1. You know there’s some pretty good hiking in Mass too, where you can not only hike the Appalachian Trail, but also pay visits to lovely people 😉

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