the first glimmer of spring

after the longest, most brutally frigid winter i’ve ever lived through here in chicago, there is finally a flicker of hope on the horizon. though there may be a few lingering, spring snow showers, there are more and more days above 30 degrees. the sun is making more frequent appearances and even when the skies aren’t sunny all day, we’re a lot more likely to have a cool, drizzling, spring rain than a blizzard. birds are vocalizing their contentedness, and i have to say, it puts me in a much better mood as well.



seasonal affective disorder almost got the best of me this year. i’ve been feeling down and out, uninspired and cranky. it’s funny, though, what just a minor weather adjustment can do for my attitude. i’m sure that in the coming days, i’ll be yearning for more heat, days at the beach and lazy summer nights. but for right now, i’m perfectly content to bask in the glorious days of spring that lie ahead. here’s hoping they will be filled with outdoor runs, walks with penny to get pie at bang bang, cozy sunday afternoons spent baking while the rain pours down and abnormally warm days that give us way too much hope and force us to drop what we’re doing and head outside.

since we don’t live in the country, our signs of spring don’t include a whole of “new life.”

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we aren’t surrounded by flowering foliage.
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BUT, we’ll take the glimpses of the season wherever we can find ’em.
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2 thoughts on “the first glimmer of spring

    • i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too! i also feel like we cold weather sufferers APPRECIATE warm weather so much more!

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