the beauty and the fog

last week, dan and i took another unforgettable trip to visit my parents in the san francisco area. we spent less time in the city and more of our hours enjoying the spectacular outdoor offerings this region is known for. according to all who live there, we experienced some of the year’s worst weather with cooler temperatures, heavier fog and a bit of rain, but it still felt blissful when compared to the winter we’ve barely finished up here in chicago. we did and saw so many wonderful people and places while we were there, but given my hiking dream post, i wanted to make sure i shared plenty of photos from our trail blazing. i saw enough gorgeous vistas to guide my meditations for months.

our first hike was just a bit past sausalito in stinson beach. the trail name was steep ravine, and it bragged about coastal views, redwoods and other forestry. on that front, it did not disappoint. we felt a little misled, however, by the “moderate” difficulty rating of this trail. then again, we did traverse the trail backward … we also failed to check whether the trailhead and the trail end were close to one another. turns out? they weren’t. once we finished our eight mile hike, we had to trudge through about four more miles to get back to the car. we all slept pretty well that night and woke up with sore legs. but boy, was it worth it. here are just a few of the pictures to get started. more to come!

hike1 hike2 hike3

hike4 hike15 hike14 hike13 hike12 hike11 hike10 hike9 hike8 hike7 hike6 hike5

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