the endless forest

as i alluded to in last week’s post, i still have plenty more photography to share from our recent jaunt to the west coast. part of the reason our first hike took so long (aside from lengthy mileage and challenging terrain) was the frequent stopping for pictures. my mom and i both toted cameras, and dan took several photos on his phone, so every 15 steps, one of us would pause to capture a unique tree or a stunning view while my dad waited, somewhat patiently for us to move along.

though some people believe that living behind a lens detracts from the quality of the experience, i personally feel that in almost every situation, my camera usage enhances my adventures. i look for things i might not otherwise notice and have vivid evidence of all the beauty we saw to keep me motivated until the next time i’m able to do something similar. there we so many beautifully ancient trees: some inexplicably fallen, some stalwartly rocketing toward the sky, but all thriving somehow in a lush community we escaped to for just a few hours. i hope you enjoy the pictures as much as i do!

CA1 CA2 CA3 CA4 CA5 CA6 CA7 CA8 CA9 CA10 CA11 CA12 CA13 CA14 CA15 CA16

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