dismissing food labels

when i was about ten years old, i decided to become a vegetarian. i can’t really remember why, though that timeline matches up perfectly with my brother’s decision to give up meat, so i’m sure he had some level of influence on my choice. my resolve lasted less than 48 hours. the first time i was confronted with temptation (in the form of grilled shrimp), i threw my hands in the air and resumed life as a carnivore.
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though i’ve evolved from the time where i based all my major life decisions on what my big brother did, my approach to eating still remains very much the same. i am never able to commit to any particular style of dining.

dan and i rarely eat meat, but on occasion … it happens! so i would be lying if i slapped the label “vegetarians” on our family. i’ve basically given up yogurt and cheese (it has done WONDERS for my complexion, honestly!) but at some point in the future, i’m sure someone will dangle a delicious morsel of goat cheese in my face, and i’ll cave instantaneously.

i’d never be able to adhere to a paleo diet. i would rather eat grass than become a fruititarian and given how much i adore eggs some mornings, i highly doubt i’d ever commit to veganism. i guess there’s no real word for our style of eating. it’s mostly healthy, with a few indulgences thrown in on a regular basis. we try to be as frugal as possible without skimping on quality, but food generally ends up being a decent portion of our budget (of course, dan sometimes eats out of dumpsters, which is a whole ‘nother lifestyle choice).

maybe we’ll call it “relaxed foodyism.” all you have to do is avoid restricting labels, eat whole foods that make you feel great and avoid spend a ton of money doing it. sound good? and of course, this style of eating includes lots of pizza with pickles.



my personal opinion is that it’s best to stay flexible. but then again, i’m indecisive and weak-willed. so there’s that.

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