vega bars! (a review)

i’m already a huge fan of vega protein powder, but i had never tried their bars. that meant that an email offer from fit approach to do so got me all kinds of worked up!

i was sent a wide variety of flavors and kinds to sample.



some are meal replacement bars, some are meant to serve as snacks. the best part (for me) about all of them, is that they are plant-based, non-gmo, gluten-free and pack an extremely decent dose of protein. depending on the function of the bar, there are other goodies included as well, but i chose to start my vega bar journey with a flavor combination i know and love. peanut butter and chocolate!


because it claimed to serve as a meal bar, i decided to replace my usual eggs and avocado breakfast with this bad boy. first impressions? it was actually extremely filling! it definitely didn’t taste like a reese’s, but it definitely lacked that “chemical-esque” flavor i most usually find with protein bars.

the best part, though, was that it kept me full for quite some time after finishing it. generally, even when a bar claims to be a meal replacement, i find myself reaching for other food not too long down the road, but i didn’t find that to be as much the case here. i’d love to bring one of these bad boys to a trade show with me and see how many hours of interviews it powers me through!

my husband, dan, tested out one of the recovery protein bars – chocolate coconut flavored! (i had to fight him on this one a bit, but his love for coconut won out).


his thoughts? he was a little overwhelmed by all the information on the outside packaging. he loves reading all the details about the clean and healthy ingredients in the bar, but there’s a lot to take in!

and what about taste? he likened it to the old devil’s food cookies from snackwell (anyone else remember those?) which he claims is not necessarily a bad thing, but he did detect a hint of chalkiness lingering behind the chocolate and coconutty goodness.

Vega Sport Bar- All

dan doesn’t do a HUGE amount of working out these days, but he does ride his bike everywhere, which means he needs recovery just as much as a gym rat. he found it to be a good solution on that front, and of course, it’s conveniently packaged. another minor, but key point he made: it didn’t stick to his teeth. he frequently has that problem with clif bars, so this was a big win in his eyes.

i haven’t had a chance to try some of the other varieties yet, but i’m eager to get to it, so i’ll make sure to check back in and share how the others stack up to this one. i definitely think vega is a useful addition to the snack bar market. i love luna bars and larabars of course, but this is an amazing, plant-based, PROTEIN-filled alternative for travel, busy days, car rides, etc.

**i was not compensated in any way other than product samples for this review.**

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