life after cable

after discussing this initiative for several months plus oodles of hemming and hawing, dan and i finally did it: we canceled our cable. i mean, not completely. we still have the very basic, bare minimum channels so i can watch football (and the TODAY show, now that i’m a work at homer). but … no more FX (archer, the league) or ABCFamily (gilmore girl reruns, terrible made for tv movies and boy meets world) or tbs (men at work, terrible old movies and the fresh prince of bel air).


at first, things were fine. we watched a few movies, got fired up about some documentaries on netflix and read a few more pages in our books each night. now, it’s been a few months. things are still fine but there’s still a whiny voice inside my head that wants to know where her real housewives of new jersey are.

it’s true that you can watch most things online. and we were extra lucky, because as a housewarming gift, my parents graced us with the blessing that we call roku (i would not have gotten through the world cup without it!). you add channels and stream things easy peasy. there are options for sports, network news and some cable channels (although frequently, you can’t watch full episodes; you have to settle for clips and snippets). through hbogo access, we’ve started browsing through boardwalk empire and all the old (amazing) episodes of curb your enthusiasm.

but there’s still something missing for me. i am well aware that this is a psychological issue that i should probably continue to work on via abstinence from cable television, but … i LIKE having choices about what to watch. even if the tv is only on in the background while i work or peruse pinterest, why can’t it be a show that i actually enjoy instead of the local 6:00pm news which i abhor? (it’s always about shootings. i live in chicago)

we made the decision to do this in order to save money. dan and i are both working at new jobs, so our income is a little wonkier at the moment than it has been in years past. this seemed like an easy fix. but i have to wonder … when the time comes where we can absolutely afford to easily re-instate cable … will we? right now, i reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally want to … but i also feel like that is a sign that i should continue to stick it out.





2 thoughts on “life after cable

  1. I love life without television or cable for that matter. occasionally, I watch a whole television series via downloads and whatnot, but I am thankful for life without it. You may or may not find that to be the case for you. …

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