Final Days of Summer Bucket List


Though I have absolutely NO idea where the summer went, here we are: “back to school” time. I don’t have to pack my backpack, but this time of year certainly reminds me of the items on my “summer bucket list” that I still haven’t gotten around to that need attention. 

1. Try 50 different blizzards from Dairy Queen. 

(This was a facetious goal I set back in May. I have had a few blizzards, but the best ice cream I’ve had all summer came from Scooter’s. Still at least one ice cream joint on my “to try” list, and that’s Margie’s Candies. We will have to find an excuse to mosey over there one evening in the near future.)

2. Bake a summer fruit pie. 

3. Try tons of new recipes for the grill.

4. Attend at least one Chicago street festival. 

5. Take Penny to the dog park. 

6. Convince someone to take me for a boat ride. 

7. Perfect both an iced tea and a lemonade recipe.

8. Make ice cream in our Blendtec.

9. A short camping trip.

And I think that would do it! We’ve actually been pretty good this summer about doing the things we want: 4th of July fireworks lakeside, Saturday afternoon strolls around neighborhoods we’ve never explored and taking plenty of time to relax and refresh. 

What’s on YOUR “FINAL Days of Summer” bucket list? 

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