Baby Registry “Must-Haves”

When I got pregnant, Dan and I swore up and down that we would maintain our minimalist ways. My mom’s favorite story to tell people to poke a little fun at me is when I said, “My baby only needs two pairs of pajamas, right?” (Ha!) We carefully combed through people’s recommendations, selecting only the very bare essentials of what we thought we might need to get going with a babe. We had lots of terrific input and help from people who had been there before, and of course everyone is different, but it’s too bad you can’t somehow have a baby shower AFTER the baby is born and you know what you really need! If I were to have a shower right now, here are the essentials I would register for. I didn’t include the obvious choices, like a stroller and a car seat. Everyone knows about those and which one you get TOTALLY depends on your personal preferences. These are a few lesser known items that I did not know about prior to having a child that I love now.

1. Ergobaby Carrier

My brother gave us his Baby Bjorn, so we didn’t originally get one of these puppies. But it turns out, the Baby Bjorn lets Ella’s feet dangle a little too much and the Ergo is much softer and more comfy for me AND her. We also got the Infant Insert which is a dreamy little cocoon for her to curl up in while I go about my chores and she naps peacefully.

2. Mamaroo

This thing is like the ultimate in “baby swings.” It has white noise (you can also plug your iPhone in to play music through the speakers on the stand if you so choose) and five different speeds as well as movement options (Ella likes “Car Ride” the best). She takes a three hour nap in it almost daily and I could not love it more. It helps her sit upright a little bit more, which she prefers and also helps if she has any lingering gas bubbles after eating.


3. Infant Lounger

My mom actually picked this out and recommended it and boy, am I glad she did! Ella loves to take naps in it and because we don’t have a bouncer, I put her in this all the time on the kitchen counter or on the bathroom floor when I shower so that she can observe and chill in comfort. It is adjustable and when she was first born, we could make it small enough to almost recreate the snuggliness of the womb for her.

Infant Lounger

4. Tons of Cloth Diapers

She goes through them SO. QUICKLY. We love Bum Genius the most because they are so easy! They also come in a lovely array of colors.

5. Pajamas In Different Sizes and Weights

Like her mama, Ella loves to lounge around in her PJ’s and did so exclusively for about the first three weeks of life. She grows out of them quickly, so we are constantly buying the next size up in her favorites. We discovered that she gets hot easily, so the fleecey ones are just a little too much for her. Terry cloth and cotton work great, and I love the great colors and patterns from Carter’s. Plus, there isn’t anything too much cuter than baby feet in footie pajamas.


6.  Blankets and Burp Cloths

We also go through these at breakneck speed. Luckily, my mom is one talented lady and made us TONS of each. You can never have enough, if you ask me. We have about half a dozen for each floor to make sure one is always within arms reach. Thanks, mom!


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