Why New Parents Should Quit the Internet

Ever since Ella was born, I can’t. Stop. Googling. Really – the search history on my phone’s Google app is truly appalling. “Tips for soothing a crying infant” “Growth Spurt Newborn Symptoms” “Is it Bad for Babies to Cry” “Signs of Thrush” “Symptoms of Tongue Tie” “How to Get the Perfect Latch” “Football Hold,” and so on. The number of things I have found to obsess about since becoming a parent are practically endless and because I spend so much time nursing and/or rocking Ella to sleep with my phone in my hand, Google has become my absolute worst enemy.

Consider this: when you read reviews for a restaurant, a piece of clothing … ANYTHING really, a vast majority of the reviews are negative, right? People are a lot more likely to take the time and effort to post about something if they are worked up, ticked off or disappointed. I’ve found that this translates seamlessly into blog posts, articles and information about parenting. Very rare are the articles that talk about how great parenting is, how easy things are and how no problems exist (though I definitely recommend this read about the truly amazing first weeks and months as a first time parent). Parenting forums, discussion boards and blog comment sections can be wonderful resources, but they can also be a bottomless pit of obsessive worrying that blows things out of proportion QUICKLY.

My latest obsession has been about Ella’s possible lip tie. In case you don’t know what it is (read: you HAVEN’T spent the last 48 hours reading about it on the Internet and searching pictures to compare), this gives a pretty good explanation. I literally had myself in tears this morning as I thought of having to put poor Ella under the knife (or laser) to treat what I had read from other moms and lactation consultants all over the blogosphere to be one of the worst problems a breastfeeding baby can have. But here’s the reality (for me): Ella is currently feeding well (aside from a slight amount of discomfort on my end, which to be honest, is waning anyway). She is gaining weight and aside from some spells of crankiness like ANY baby would have, she is happy and progressing at a great clip (a little too quickly, if you ask me). She smiles and laughs, can almost roll over and lifts her head and legs up like a CHAMP during tummy time. She’s outgrowing pajamas left and right and has “slept through the night – from 10:30pm-6am” the past THREE NIGHTS (I hope this isn’t like talking about a no-hitter while it’s going on and I didn’t just jinx it). If she is lip tied, it is not currently a huge problem for us. That doesn’t mean I won’t look into it further (with LEGIT resources, like pediatricians and the like – NOT people on the Internet) or that we won’t do anything about it. It simply means that indulging my morbid curiosity and Googling the crap out of all topics related to this subject are NOT going to help me out.

The Internet can be my best friend or worst enemy. I’m going to try to avoid letting it overtake my thoughts and emotions or pull me away from the reality of MY baby. The rabbit hole can be dark and deep.

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