A Whole New Healthy Living Outlook

Ever since the beginning of Ella (literally, about two weeks after I got a positive pregnancy test), my healthy habits took a bit of a southward turn. I couldn’t eat a vegetable to save my life during the first trimester – even the smell of them made me queasy. I ate a lot of BLT’s, cheeseburgers and carb-y things. I tried desperately to continue working out, but … my stomach took over my brain and eventually I was basically just doing short strength workouts and walking as much as I could. A far cry from the strict diet I had myself on and the five day a week workout schedule I kept all the way up until March 2014.

Needless to say, I have had plenty of time to think about how I want to proceed with eating and fitness in a postpartum world. Because I am the only source of food for my child, I haven’t done anything drastic to my diet just yet (a lot of material I’ve read says to wait at least eight weeks before even attempting anything in the way of weight loss), other than really try to cut down on the amount of “crap” I eat, since I got pretty bad about it in the third trimester. It was the season for Reese’s pumpkins and Christmas trees, so you can just use your imagination to figure out how many of those I wolfed down.

One attitude I have resolved to adopt moving forward is moderation. Before pregnancy, I did things like sugar detoxes and month long breaks from alcohol, which I’m not knocking; sometimes that’s the kick in the pants a person needs to get moving in the right direction. But for me, I have to be careful with such things, because it’s all too easy to swing in the other direction once the ban is lifted. For the most part, I think it’s better for me to indulge within reasonable limits.

The same logic can be applied to fitness. Though it’s a wonderful feeling to have a routine that includes daily workouts, I’m guessing that my time won’t be nearly so flexible with a two month old baby. I have to get rid of the “all or nothing” mentality for working out and just fit it in wherever I can. Walks with Ella and the pup. Arm curls with her UNBELIEVABLY heavy car seat before putting her back in the car or squats while I have her in the Ergo Carrier pouch.

I also want to return to a life that includes plenty of yoga. It’s replenishing, restorative and invigorating. I had to quit doing it about halfway through my pregnancy because I got pretty bad acid reflux, and it turns out that being upside down only exacerbates that condition, but I’m ready to welcome it back with open arms. I’m sure it will be frustrating how slowly I have to start out, but it will be fun to go through hitting all my milestones again as I climb back up the hill!

The one thing I’m determined to do when “losing the baby weight” is not focus on numbers. The weight itself doesn’t really mean that much to me – I don’t even own a scale. More critical in my mind is that my pants fit. Because I don’t want to have to buy all new pants! I think that helps keep my obsession level down to a minimum and see the bigger picture.

I would love to post some new workouts or recipes that I’ve been working on, but unfortunately, it turns out that newborns are quite time consuming and just downright needy! But now that I’ve gotten into a little more of a routine with little El Monster, I’ll be sure to dig back into my creative files and start back up on some food and fitness I can share.

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