5 Things I Hate About Getting Back in Shape

I’m a big fan of momentum. Staying awake when I’m up, continuing to sleep once I’m sacked. It’s so much easier to stay in shape than to GET into it. To maintain weight versus losing it. But unfortunately, due to all the Double Stuf Oreos I consumed during pregnancy PLUS the complete lack of working out that happened … here I am on the wrong side of both equations. I’m not trying to be negative – just facing facts. There are lots of wonderful, magical things about getting into shape, but this post is all about the harsh realities of getting into shape that I truly detest. Maybe you’ll nod along with me?


1. Changing my routine. I get set in my ways with respect to the structure of my day, so since working out has NOT made the priority list for the past year or so … it’s obviously more challenging to find a time slot for it now. Ella’s eating and sleeping is still a bit unpredictable, so that does NOT help.

2. Being back at the bottom. Whether it’s running, lifting or yoga’ing, my endurance and strength are at rock bottom right now. It’s not super encouraging to continue my workout when three pushups leaves me dripping in sweat and begging for a refill on my water bottle.

3. Starting slow. As an add-on to the above, I HATE taking things slowly. I want all the progress and I want it right now! So easy to slip into an “all or nothing” mentality where if I can’t do all the workout moves I want at the moment, I might as well just throw in the towel altogether.

4. Debilitating soreness. Since I basically attempt to ignore points 2 and 3, this leads to an inability to walk, sit, sleep or move without excruciating pain. Not exactly conducive to a rigorous workout, is it?

5. The long road ahead. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “it took nine months to put it on, so you should expect it to take at least that long to take it off.” This is not a comfort. It was a LOT more fun to put it on that it is/will be to take it off, so I would like it to take MUCH LESS time, please. I know the reality is that slower weight loss is better, but I have no patience for it at the moment.

Some day – when I’m feeling more optimistic about the whole process, I’ll do a post about how much I love getting back in shape. But as I stare up at the mountain I have to climb from the very bottom, I just needed to indulge my whiny side a bit.

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