The Truth About the Boppy


One universal recommendation I got when asking what I should add to my baby shower registry? The Boppy.

Highly touted as the holy grail of nursing pillows, I added it to the list and didn’t give it another thought. Who could begin to research pillows when decisions needed to be made about strollers, car seats and swings? I’m here to tell you MY personal opinion (I know people that both agree AND disagree with what I’m about to tell you). I think that while there are certain (limited) applications for this horsehoe-shaped pillow, it is definitely not a “one size fits all” nursing pillow.

Right from the get-go, I had issues with it. Ella was a fairly small baby, so when I tried to do the “cross cradle” nursing hold with her on the Boppy, she would roll right off of it and into the space between the pillow and my body. Now that she’s bigger, if I try to put her on it, I find that she squashes it down too low for it to be of any use in bringing her up to the correct feeding height. Given how highly and widely praised this product is, I expected it to not only solve all my problems but perhaps promote world peace. I spent many late night nursing sessions browsing Google and searching for people who could tell me how to more properly use my Boppy. Instead, I found a few reviews that pointed me to a new product.

Sweet relief. THIS product, My Brest Friend (though unanimously labeled as a poorly NAMED product) was a lifesaver for me. It turned out to be the most amazing nursing tool I could have discovered. It’s firm, easy to tote around, and best of all for me, it actually CLIPS on around your waist, which makes it a LOT easier if you are home by yourself and need to feed your hungry baby. Instead of maneuvering a wiggly infant AFTER sitting down and getting the Boppy situated, you can tie this pillow on and then put the baby on it, countertop style, and then sit down in the nursing chair or couch of your choosing.

It’s not particularly revolutionary or surprising information, but I figured I would add one more entry out there in Internet world for any other mothers that might be up late at night, wondering what they’re doing wrong that the “magic” Boppy isn’t working for them. Give the MBF a try – it might just rock your world. Also, if you aren’t already doing this, find something that elevates your feet to make your knees form a right angle when you sit down to nurse. It may not SEEM like a big deal, but it can make a world of difference. Some people might invest in a stool designed specifically for that purpose, but in our household, we use scrap pieces of crafting foam or yoga blocks. Woot!

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