Sights Unseen on the Farm

I have previously posted pictures from trips to my grandmother’s Virgina horse farm (click here for a trip down memory lane). I took another journey to this place that was so integral to my childhood and really, plenty of my adult life as well. I have so many happy memories there: horseback riding, taking trips to the neighborhood video store, picking peaches in the orchard (and then eating them atop vanilla ice cream later), playing croquet in the backyard, exploring the barn (and being terrified to find a snake), making family dinners, enjoying various holidays (we ALWAYS came to Virginia for Thanksgiving when I was younger), playing with my grandmother’s old organ, enjoying her endless patience for playing card games with me…

img010 (1)

But this visit was a bit more somber. My beautiful grandmother passed away recently, and though she was 88 years old and lived a bold, miraculous life, which is definitely something to be celebrated, we will all miss her so very much. She was fiercely independent, opinionated and unbelievably perceptive. She could carry on a conversation with anyone (especially about politics) and made friends wherever she went.


So my parents and I (plus Baby El, of course) came to Virginia to sort through her things and settle her affairs. We stayed for about a week, and luckily Dan was able to join us for a weekend as well. Ella seemed to adapt fairly well to the new surroundings (perhaps because I brought most everything she owns along with us) and was almost fuss-free during the car ride (it is supposed to take five hours, but got stretched to eight due to some bad weather). She didn’t even complain when we arrived at 11pm the first night and found the water pump broken, which meant skipping her usual bedtime bath. She’s a trooper, that daughter of mine.

farm1 farm2 farm3 farm4 farm5 farm6 farm7 farm8 farm9 farm10 farm11

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