Goofus and Gallant: Pregnancy Edition

Any Highlights fans out there? When I was just a youngster, these magazines were everywhere, including a subscription in my own home, thank goodness. My favorite feature was one entitled “Goofus and Gallant,” designed to teach good manners by showing Gallant as the shining example to follow and Goofus as the antithesis of all that is good. I decided to replicate this feature with my girl, Becky from Olives ‘n’ Wine. I follow her blog and Instagram religiously and have been admiring how dedicated to health and fitness she has been throughout her pregnancy. She’s radiant and I just know that the second she pops out her lucky little one, she’ll be back in the best shape ever, lickety split. I, on the other hand, was not as devoted, as I have mentioned previously here. A little intro from the lady herself: Becky is a lifestyle blogger over at Olives ‘n Wine who enjoys over-sharing about all things health and fitness, travel, wine (when she’s not 9 months pregnant), delicious eats, and life in Florida. She’s excited to be partnering with fellow blogger Molly on this eats ‘n exercise series!

So here’s a bit of a side by side. Two pregnant friends. Two totally different approaches. Goofus = Molly, Gallant = Becky. This post will cover the first trimester. We will do a couple follow ups with the other two trimesters and eventually a postpartum when Becky’s angel arrives.

preggo pic

Gallant: Because I am apparently out of touch with my body, and because it was a bit of a surprise (haha – oops!), I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was about 7 weeks along. I’m sure I would have modified more of my fitness had I known earlier, but since I kept pushing myself those first few weeks, I figured I would continue to do so until either my body or my doctor told me no. Also, just to level-set with y’all, I was blessed with feeling great during my first trimester. I was incredibly fatigued and slept 12-15 hours per day, but as long as I ate every few hours, I didn’t have to deal with nausea or any of the other icky things associated with morning sickness. If I had suffered those symptoms, I guarantee my fitness would have come to a halt until I felt better.
At the beginning of my pregnancy I was in the middle of marathon training. Yeah, baby got a 12-miler, 15-miler, and 16-miler in before he was even a few weeks old! After my last long run, my knee started giving me trouble (I contribute it to my pregnancy hormones…) so I had no choice but to stop running. I would get out for short runs, 2-3 miles, but they were always full of pain and uncomfortable so I ended up giving up running from weeks 9-13. Since I couldn’t live without my cardio, I started to take up SPINNING. While I didn’t care for it at the beginning, I found a few instructors that I loved and managed to fit in 2 classes per week.
I also took my initial Les Mills BODYPUMP Instructor training a few weeks into my pregnancy. As a side note, this kid is bound to like fitness – He has more miles and weights under his belt than half of America and he isn’t out of the womb yet! 😉 BODYPUMP IS safe for pregnant mamas, especially if you’ve been lifting weights/attending class prior to pregnancy, so it was also something that I wasn’t willing to give up. Plus, I had to continue practicing in order to submit my video assessment. I was able to attain group fitness teaching gigs at a few gyms here in Naples without revealing my “condition” and taught (as well as took classes) throughout my entire first trimester.
I also did a lot of walking. Leaving downtown Chicago also meant leaving my typical 20,000 steps/day routine in the dust. I missed the ease of fitting in a lot of steps so I took the dog out for as many walks as possible.
Goofus: I was absolutely COMMITTED to sticking to my routine at first. In the first few weeks of my pregnancy, we were in California visiting my parents and we hiked over 15 cumulative miles during our five days there.
hike4 hike15
I stayed true to my IgniteGirls workouts at lunchtime during work, just making sure that my body didn’t get overheated and that I didn’t overexert myself. That is, of course, until the morning sickness hit. Then I became a huge pile of slack. In hindsight, it’s easy to say that I should have pushed through it and worked out anyway, but at the time, the whole thing felt pretty debilitating. Most nights, I would drive home from work (the car made the nausea SO MUCH WORSE), eat whatever I could get down for dinner, take a long, warm bath (where I would read my favorite book over and over again to take my mind off the nausea) and then crawl into bed around 8pm because sleep was pretty much the only thing that made any difference in the way I felt. I still tried to work out on days that I felt even a little bit better, but for the most part, I gave myself a bit of a break and promised myself that I would pick it up again when I moved past that particular stage of pregnancy.
Gallant: Okay, don’t hate on me for this, but I honestly didn’t have many cravings or aversions during the first trimester. I mean, I wanted wine with every ounce of my soul but apparently that is something you must avoid while pregnant 😉 If I had to pick a few things that I craved, they would be eggs (I went through at least a dozen per week – That quantity might fall into the unhealthy category, haha!), salty and crunchy items (helloooooo Doritos and Mexican!), and edamame (I know, I’m a freak). To my – and my sweet tooth of a husband’s – dismay, I actually had a pretty strong aversion to anything sweet. It didn’t make my stomach turn, but fruit and all things dessert did nothing for me. I actually had to give up my beloved morning banana for a few weeks because the texture made me gag. And the same went for apples. Partial spoiler for future trimesters… This aversion didn’t last 😉
IMG_0258 IMG_0395
Goofus: Similar story to my fitness woes. I set out with the BEST of intentions. For the first few weeks, I ate exactly as I had been before pregnancy. Tons of veggies, quinoa, almost NO carbs, etc. In order to make the process of getting pregnancy easier on myself, I had given up alcohol and caffeine a couple of months prior to us even trying to conceive, which ended up being a huge help to me. What I was not prepared for was the gagging sensation I would feel any time vegetables came within a square mile of my being. I went through phases of things I could eat that felt OK – none of them were healthy. I went through a burrito phase, a BLT phase, a cheeseburger phase, a macaroni and cheese phase and a watermelon phase. I ate TONS of saltines and Ritz crackers, plus a few random ice cream treats here and there. It was the strangest phase of eating I have ever experienced, and each day felt a bit like a survival game. I forged ahead, hoping that my midwife was right and I wasn’t depriving my precious little one of vital nutrients with my HORRID diet. I have no pictures because I did NOT want to document this eating phase of my life.
to be continued…

9 thoughts on “Goofus and Gallant: Pregnancy Edition

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  2. I can relate to you, Molly! I had every food aversion possible from week 3 (yes, I found out super early because of morning sickness!) to week 17. Not a great problem to have when you’re pregnant. Since I wasn’t able to eat, I wasn’t able to work out (I couldn’t keep up with the calories I was burning), and I felt so sick anyway, I didn’t want to. Now at 21 weeks, I still have food aversions, but my all-day nausea has passed and I’m able to exercise again, thank goodness! I think we all have the best of intentions, but our bodies may have other ideas!

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