Pregnant Goofus and Gallant, Part Two

This week, I began this series that did a bit of a side by side comparison with me and my girl, Becky of Olives ‘n’ Wine. Here is the second installment – our second trimesters. See this link for the first part of a Tale of Two Preggos. Just to clarify, this whole thing is JUST FOR FUN. In no way am I suggesting that people should compare themselves to ANYONE else. Every body, every pregnancy, every person is completely different and that’s the way it should be. This is just a series that pokes a little bit of fun at how baaaaaaaad to the bone I was during my pregnancy while Becky has been unbelievably good. I’m in awe of her and KNOW it will pay off for her in the long run. Just a reminder, Becky is Gallant and I am the lovable Goofus.

preggo pic


Gallant: This trimester was much welcome! My fatigue subsided a bit and my knee pain disappeared – hallelujah! I was able to resume running around Week 14 and it was amazing. I wouldn’t run for speed or distance, I would run 15-20 minutes out and then turn around and run right back home. Sadly, my running stint only lasted until Week 20 (my last run was Christmas Day)… It just became too uncomfortable on my bladder and I also read a bunch of horror stories about how running can negatively impact your pelvic floor muscles/bladder control post-pregnancy and that is something I didn’t want to risk. I still kept up with BODYPUMP and SPINNING and introduced some StairMaster action into my routine as well. And there was a lot of walking again this trimester… although I had to pay closer attention to my water intake an hour or so before walking – It is never fun to have a full bladder when you’re 30 minutes away from home, but this is especially true when you’re pregnant.

IMG_0173 IMG_1115
Goofus: Though I was still not very good about getting to the gym during my second trimester, I was a LOT more active. The first couple of weeks into this trimester, I would get raging headaches if I got even a little bit dehydrated, and since most of my second trimester took place in a blazingly hot Chicago summer, I had to be careful and really stay on top of my water intake. For the most part, I walked, rode my bike and did short strength routines that I found on POPSugar Fitness. I was also very lucky to have a friend who gifted me an amazing prenatal yoga DVD that I did quite a few times as well. The few times I did make it to the gym, I spent an awful lot of time on the Arc Trainer, but ventured into strength training as well with the assisted pullup machine (quite the feat with the extra weight I was pulling around) as well as some free weights and seated row. I was a little self-conscious at the gym because my tummy was in a place that felt extremely large to me, but I was pretty sure others were looking at me and questioning whether I was pregnant or just had a big lunch (silly, I know!). I got tired fairly easily as well, so working out close to home was just a bit simpler logistically. Dan was home all summer and I was working FROM home, so pretty much every day we would take the pup for at least a three mile walk. One time we walked more like seven miles. To a Wendy’s. For a bacon cheeseburger.
Gallant: Eggs and avocado. Avocado and eggs. If I had to live on two foods alone during the second tri, these two would be it. Eggs and avocado on toast (Whole Foods’ Seeduction bread to be specific). Eggs and avocado on a tortilla. Eggs and avocado with a spoon. I am fairly certain I kept both industries in business during those months! Other foods that hit the spot were Chipotle (although I’ve always loved Chipotle), French fries, burgers, bacon, apples, grapes, potato chips, and fish tacos. I did *try* to sneak in veggies at least twice per day, but I think with my excessive avocado and apple consumption, I was getting more than enough fiber and plant-nutrients to keep me and the baby healthy, haha!
As far as aversions went, candy and sweets still weren’t really my thing. I mean, I definitely indulged in my fair share of frozen yogurt bowls topped with a pound of sugary candy but it always made my stomach hurt. I just didn’t have the urge to really eat sweets, particularly candy. This made my husband quite sad… He would often ponder out loud when my ice cream cravings would hit. The man loves himself some ice cream 😉
IMG_0248 IMG_0405
Goofus: This is where I started to lose it a little bit. I was so relieved to finally not feel nauseas every day that I decided to celebrate by eating pretty much all of the things I hadn’t allowed myself to have in a VERY long time. Mostly sugary treats like donuts, candy and OREOS, but also burgers and potato chips … and french fries galore. I can’t explain exactly what my rationale behind all this was, but I know that in hindsight, I wish I hadn’t indulged QUITE so much. A little bit here and there would have been no big deal, but I definitely went overboard. Luckily, with Dan around to keep me on track, MOST of my actual meals were pretty healthy – we went back to our normal day to day eating habits for the most part … I just added in some extravagances here and there …

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