Goofus and Gallant Take on the Third Trimester

My pal Becky from Olives ‘n’ Wine agreed to do a lighthearted lil side by side of our pregnancies and how we handled food and fitness. This is the final installment for the pregnancy portion (third trimester! Almost there, Becky!), but hopefully we will do a couple more of these once Becky starts exploring life as a new mom. You can find part one here and part two here.


Goofus: If I could use one word to describe my third trimester, it would be … walking. I walked as MUCH as humanly possible – out with the dog, all around various stores where I didn’t need anything and on the treadmill we found on Craigslist for $100. We even went on a few hikes around Charlotte. I wish I had done more strength training, but at the very least, I got out there and got active! I kicked it up especially around my due date, as my midwife told me that it was a great way to kickstart labor. The day before Ella was born, I probably walked four or five miles. I had so much energy toward the end, which was a LOVELY change of pace for me.

hike1 hike7

Gallant: Because of my lack of control in the kitchen, I’m happy to report that my fitness hasn’t slowed down a bit in the third trimester. I have continued to attend SPINNING classes and teach BODYPUMP without any issues. On days I lack motivation, I tell myself that in a few weeks I won’t be able to workout so I need to take advantage of the opportunity now! I have, unfortunately, experienced abdominal muscle separation – It is apparently very normal but I can assume that my continuation of core exercises contributed to this. As of this week (35 weeks), I am now talking my classes through core work rather than doing it with them. I’m not too worried about it because 1) I can’t go back and undo the damage and 2) it can be healed. I am getting my first semester exhaustion again so we will see how long I can keep the fitness regime up – Only a few more weeks to go!

IMG_1112 IMG_1142 IMG_0484


Goofus: Like Becky mentions below, I was VERY non-discriminatory during my third trimester. I ate LOTS of everything, healthy foods included, BUT I also call this the trimester of candy. It happened to include Halloween, so I ate all the leftovers from our trick or treaters. I also bought a Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin pretty much EVERY time I went to the grocery store to buy those healthy groceries. I have a serious love affair with those little guys. I also ate something that has been unpalatable for me for many, many years: Pop Tarts. I only did it once, and even Dan couldn’t believe his eyes. Sometimes, these days, I’ll be walking down that aisle in the grocery store and just shake my head at myself. Thanksgiving ALSO happened to fall during my third tri and I had the most magnificent Thanksgiving of all time, with all the trimmings. I helped cook, so I’m sure that offset the megaton of calories I consumed, right?

IMG_2529 IMG_2603

Gallant: Pretty much everything has tasted good to me during my third trimester! And I wonder why my butt has grown 3 sizes… 😉 I love sweets – yup, I’m talking to you Peanut M&M’s – and salty goodness (do not trust me with a bag of chips…) and refined grains (pastaaaaa) and pretty much anything unhealthy you can list. Cookies, ice cream, Cadbury Mini Eggs, pizza, cheese, more cheese… the list goes on. Thankfully, I have also loved eating the healthy items during these weeks… avocados, salads, chicken, ground turkey, fruit, protein shakes… I don’t discriminate. If it’s food, I eat it 😉 I’m trying to tame myself these last few weeks of pregnancy and find a healthy balance. As my doctor likes to say, you can gain as much as you want (FYI – I’m in the very healthy weight gain range) but YOU are the one that has to lose it post-baby. Sigh. I guess he’s right… Why can’t husbands be required to do any of the hard work – breastfeeding, weight loss?!


4 thoughts on “Goofus and Gallant Take on the Third Trimester

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  2. Such fun/cute posts! Way to be strong & fit throughout pregnancy, ladies.

    Becky, did your doc tell you that’s why ab separation happened? I’m just curious, because I taught a core class (CXWORX) throughout 42 weeks and am doing so again and haven’t ever had issues…I’m just curious what he/she says!! thx!

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