Smart Swaps


Since I am actively attempting to shed excess “baby weight,” I’ve been all about substitutions lately. Here are a few I’ve found effective:

REPLACE potato chips WITH seaweed chips.

Still crunchy, bite-sized and easy to bring along as a snack, I have particularly been enjoying Ocean’s Halo. They are organic and come in a variety of flavors that hit the spot for a salt craving – Sea Salt, Korean BBQ … yum!

REPLACE wine/beer/soda WITH kombucha.

Sometimes, I want a beverage that ISN’T water. But beer/wine/soda all have weight loss detriments, SO I’ve started drinking a lot more kombucha. Though I love the Cherry Chia flavor of GT’s

My go-to most of the time is homemade (Dan’s handiwork, of course). He makes it in huge batches that save us a TON of money and gets creative with the flavors of tea and fruit mix-ins he uses. The most recent batch was peppermint orange kombucha – very light and refreshing!

REPLACE candy/chocolate WITH Coconut Fruit Bars.

In my third trimester, I was eating ALL the chocolate. It’s definitely a challenging habit to break. I tried easing myself out of it by having some “trail mix” every evening after Ella went to sleep (trail mix = a bowl of chocolate chips with a few almonds thrown in), but I still felt like I was consuming a few too many calories and going overboard with it. I bought and LOVE these Whole Fruit Bars in the coconut flavor.

Another favorite in this category is a frozen, chocolate-covered banana. Just a touch of the good stuff, but not nearly as many calories. I need to learn to make these myself, however, as I am slightly annoyed at the up charge companies feel they can get away with slapping on because they come in a wrapper. I bet I could use higher quality, dark chocolate as well.

2 thoughts on “Smart Swaps

  1. All good swaps! I don’t even want to think about having to adjust my eating habits in a month or so. UGH. Also, is there a trick to liking kombucha? I just can’t get into it for some reason. Maybe I need to try a specific flavor or brand?

  2. I was in the saaaaame boat! I think the GT kombuchas are all pretty mild and come in a variety of flavors. Just try picking one that sounds good to you!

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