A Most Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift

As I celebrated my first “official” Mother’s Day this year, I was overjoyed with the number of people who sent cards or gifts and took the time to call. Being able to hang with Ella as much as I do and see her learn and grow each day feels like present enough, but I will never turn down fun mail to open!

One of the gifts that really stuck out to me in terms of it’s uniqueness and thoughtfulness came from my own mother. No surprise there! She got me this beautiful little vase (pictured below) and a little insert that reads:

Some of the most beautiful flowers we may ever receive do not arrive in glassy white boxes from the florist, but instead are offered to us by small hands grubby from play…

The stems may be short, the blossoms may be drooping, the flowers themselves what some might call weeds – but when given with love, a dandelion may be fare more precious than the most perfect of long-stemmed roses.

vase vase2

That is just about the sweetest sentiment I have ever heard. It’s so true and such a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

So thank you, Mom. For finding something that epitomizes the joy and wonder of motherhood, since that itself is the best gift any mom can be reminded of on Mother’s Day or any other day of the year.

If you know a mom who might receive flowers from her little sweetheart, you can find this vase at Henrietta Glass.

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