How to Run a 5K and REALLY Feel It in the Morning

Postpartum running has essentially been the bane of my existence. Things are jiggling that never did before, I have weird aches in joints I didn’t know I had and most of all, my endurance is practically nil. So what did I do to celebrate all these new atrocities? I signed up to run a virtual 5K with Ignite Girls!


Because of work, and … you know, having a five month old to take care of, I haven’t been the MOST diligent about training, but whenever I can get some miles in, I do it! This workout was a little drawn out, but I got all my miles in and I loved it. It was kind of perfect for my endurance level.

Mile One:

Walk. I took Penny and Ella out with the stroller and walked at a brisk pace through our forest preserve. When I got home, I put Ella in her Johnny Jump Up so I could proceed with …

Mile Two:

I hopped on the treadmill and “ran” this mile, but at a much slower pace than I’m used to (5.5 on the treadmill settings). This was the pace I found for myself where I didn’t have to stop and take breaks. We all gotta start somewhere, right? After I got through that, I hopped back off the treadmill and completed three sets of the following:

10 pushups
10 tricep pushups
20 sumo squats

Then it was back on the treadmill for …

Mile Three:

This mile was all about sprints. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. I did the “sprints” at varying speeds, from 7.5 all the way up to 9.5, depending on how I was feeling. After finishing a mile this way, I walked another quarter mile to cool down and then completed three more sets of:

10 pushups
10 tricep pushups
20 sumo squats

Creative 5K running, no?

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