If I Were a Food Network Star…

If you have ever watched that show on Food Networkwhere they choose the next star for the channel, you know that each contestant always has to have a “thing.” A theme, a schtick, a gimmick. I don’t watch it often enough to know if this has already been done, but as I considered what platform I would compete on, I thought long and hard about the dishes that I am most well-known for in my circles of family and friends, and it became patently obvious.

I would be … the “One Pot Wonder.”


The picture above, of course, would be the cover of my cookbook.

I love to think of different textures, colors and flavors to throw in one pot and stir it all together. Most dishes I make, I CALL stir fry, mostly because I use my work to mix it all up. Sometimes I mix it up a bit and bake or roast a few components of the dish, but for the most part, I like to keep it all centralized. I’m not sure if it stems from laziness or wanting to dirty as few dishes as possible, but it’s definitely my kitchen MO.

The best part is, that I’m sure I could make this theme stretch into some of my other favorite methods of cooking: blender cooking and Crock Pot meals!

This methodology might not always result in the best LOOKING meals (unlike Dan who creates some of the most visually stunning dishes I’ve ever seen), but I’ve had very few complaints in the taste department.


Other benefits include: ease of transport, simple storage and very little prep time. All of these things are essential with a full-time job to do and a seven month old baby to chase after. I bet quite a few people are in my shoes (or similar straits) and would love to benefit from these types of meals.

What would your Food Network alter ego be?

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