Sights Unseen

Because not all of Ella’s family lives close by, I spend a lot of time taking pictures of her to send to the grandparents. This week especially, my mom has been in California and made the daunting request of two pictures per day of Ella. I took some decent ones throughout the week, so here is what Ella has been up to: Eating, playing, trying her hardest to crawl, helping with the laundry, fingerpainting and turning seven months old (what!?!?!?). Enjoy, and have a marvelous weekend!

baffledbybroccoli bites determined fingerpaints fingerpaints2 happyhappy laundry panda sevenmonths

One thought on “Sights Unseen

  1. I am the luckiest Gigi on earth! It’s pretty great that you are there to record all of it, too, Molly! Just about every picture makes me smile, chuckle or laugh out loud, but the one where Dan is holding her up after painting is great! Love you all so much!

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